Photo Tool

Photo Tool 0.1

An upload helper to share your pictures in the Netlog
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Photo Tool is a small piece of software that works if you have a Netlog account.
Netlog is a social network mainly focused on European youth and developed by Netlog NV, an enthusiast Belgian company. This online environment evolves very quickly, featuring a great web 2.0 experience and a state-of-the art UI design.
Creating a Netlog profile provides you with several features over the site and one of them is photo sharing. That's where Photo Tool comes to scene: this small utility acts as an upload helper for your favorite pictures. Operation is very simple; you can drag and drop or add your favorite pictures to the program window. When the pictures are added, you can rotate them clock/counter-clockwise. Next when you press "upload", just fill some options and voila, all your pictures are added automatically to your Netlog profile.
Once you uploaded Photo Tool, you can share photos with the rest of the Netlog community, allowing (or not allowing) ratings and/or comments.
In my humble opinion, for such specific purpose, the program could include some extra features, like image cropping or something like that. But for a quick upload, it's fine.

Review summary


  • Very simple to use, even for non-tech users


  • It's very specific and feature-limited
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